Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm Back Beaches!

Hola Sweets!

Well, its back to reality for me. In case you were wondering, I had a great time in The Dominican Republic. We stayed at the Melia resort in Punta Cana. The grounds were beautiful and the beach was even beautifuler (shhh, I know).  But the beautifulest? My awesome airbrush tan:

Say hello to HM's shadow everybody
I am telling you sweets, people are always trying to find the quick pill or workout that will make them skinny fast. Duh, just spend $30 and get airbrushed! Too bad I realized that AFTER running in the humid weather.....okay, that's not true. I just wanted to run so I could say that I ran in my birthday suit:

Running in my birthday suit
Oh come on sweets, not THAT birthday suit! I mean the one I bought myself for my birthday!! Geez perves! I can't imagine where your mind would go if I mentioned this bird....

I am the biggest cock in D.R.
We spent our vacation lounging by the pool and the beach, soaking in the rays, participating in poolside dance parties, and drinking libations. HM made an excellent cocktail waitress:

I will have another gin and tonic dear
Ladies, you know you're loved when: your men cross oceans pools to get you a drink
Warning, drinking gin and tonics will decrease your inhibitions and you will later find 100's of photos of yourself posing mermaid style in the middle of the pool:

What kills me is that I was too inebriated too care that there were hundreds of people watching these shanagins...yet I could still set the auto timer. Classic. Any flaws in the above photos are due to bad lighting.

For those of you who don't know.....I am big fan of jumping photos!

Are you sick of seeing bathing suit pictures? Me too. Here is a clothed one for you:

I know you may not be able to tell this from the previous 100 photos of me, but I actually went on vacation with other people. Say hello to the MIL:

and Man Friend Steve
SIL and her Boy Toy
Da Gang
Feliz Navidad Beaches! Just playing sweets, Merry (early) Christmas.


  1. I went to Mexico in October and I'm dying to go back. I would love to live at the resort and never come back to reality. I'd love to go again in 2012 but I have a few other trips I have to make so I think I'll have to plan for 2013. Glad you had a great time. Your pics are great and the pool mermaid pose is awesome!

  2. Glad you are back and hope you had an awesome time celebrating your Birthday in such a beautiful resort.The pictures are fantastic and I love the one of you and Michael jumping on the beach,ok the mermaid is very nice too!Your postings are awesome.See you soon.
    Love Mom xoxoxo


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