Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello There Winners!


I am only just warming up from my experience this last weekend. A combination of my selflessness, can do attitude, and willingness to help others (that made me laugh, did it make you laugh?) led me to volunteering at a race Saturday morning. It was absolutely freezing. Seriously. During the race, the high reached 27 degrees. Bearable if you are running, nearly unbearable if you are running a booth for pre-race entertainment!

There is an organization called Girls On The Run. Their mission is to "educate and prepare preteen girls for a lifetime of self respect and healthy living." They had their end of semester race Saturday morning and, through my involvement with Kids in The Kitchen and Jr. League, I manned a booth at the race. 

Along with my co-pilot Lindsay, we braved the freezing temps to teach the kids and their parents about sugar and eating healthy.

Lindsay and I during warmer tempatures
We set up a booth and had food items along with the amount of sugar in each item (displayed by cubes of sugar). I think we ruined a lot of parent's day by showing them how much sugar is in ONE bottle of coke!!!! We even provided ammunition for wives to nag their husbands. That is what I call a success! Otherwise, the kids seamed uninterested in our booth and passed us over for the face painting and hair spray booths. 

Because I was already cold and cranky, anything and everything was getting on my nerves. This included the fact that all participants were assigned a bib with the number one on it. Really? I know that the purpose of the organization is to build self esteem, but isn't this just setting the kids up for disappointment later? I mean, they are going to figure out soon (or at least by the time they cross the finish line) that they all can't be number one. This is the plight of the millennial generation (damn I sound old). Kids are told that they are all winners, all special, all number one, and then the kids go off to college, get masters in music history, and then spend the next ten years working at TGI Fridays to work off their student loans. 

Listen kids, competition is real. You have to work very hard to be number one, to be a winner, to be special. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you will start making the right decisions to set you on a course for success.

Now having said all that, Girls On The Run is a great organization. If you are a runner check them out and consider getting involved!!!

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  1. What an awesome idea. I must share with my junior league group!


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