Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Damage

Hey Sweets,

Here I am nursing a cold, yet I am still looking forward to my BifG workout tomorrow morning. After driving to the west coast and back this week, I am feeling a little antsy. Even Mr. Dog was getting antsy during our drive. He slept most of the way but we tried to give a few opportunities to stretch his legs.

It took us about 10.5 hours to get to Sacramento. We turned in early because we had to get up at zero o'clock to start our drive. Fine by me, that just meant Christmas came as soon as I opened my eyes again!

Christmas morning with the fam
HM got me this awesome Tori Burch bag!!!! Love.
Despite the best intentions of my niece Makenzie, I still managed to overeat a bit. Could have been much worse...but I stopped tracking and I know I didn't burn off the extra calories. I am happy that I started BifG before I left through because having the diet in the back of my mind stopped me from getting seconds, made me finish only half my dessert, and share fries with HM.

Sweets thing, she tried offering me a fruit smoothie....
But she could not compete with a chocolate malt
or mushroom sandwich and garlic fries
Or a bite of HM's banana pie....
or a platter of sushi.

See what I mean? I need this workout!!!!

How bad did you do over the holidays Sweets?


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