Thursday, December 1, 2011

Boo Hoo, Buckleys Got The Flu

Well Sweets,

I am sad to report that the little doodle is sufferring from the flu. Yep, thats right....just because you are a cute adorable angelic little poodle does not mean you can't get the dog flu. It must have been going around day care, because they had signs up saying that the flu can get dogs too.

Buckley- The Poster Child
Buckley spends two days a week and doggie day care. He must have got the flu from one of the mutts at school. Poor little dude. We first noticed something was wrong when the pup would not eat or drink anything. He is usually STARVING after running around all day with his BFF Gus the Boxer and his girlfriend Lola the Great Dane.

We tried to bribe him to eat something by spinkling his food with his favorite treat....marshmallows.

Well, he sniffed it and then drank some water. Everything was okay for about 10 minutes and then this happened:

Got ya!
While I will admit that is just a photo of HM's gross salad he ordered at lunch, it is very representative of what happened after we forced the doodle to eat and drink something. Gross right?

Thanks for your contribution to the blog HM
Is everybody sending love to my little poodle?

"My tummy hurts"
He is currently sleeping it off as I write this post and watch HGTV.

"Why me?!?!?!"

Friggen sad, that's what that is! He asked me today why he didn't get a flu shot. Broke my heart sweets.

How many of you got a flu shot this year?


  1. Poor baby! I hope he feels better soon!

    I didn't get the flu shot... never do. I'm one of "those" people.


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