Friday, November 11, 2011

Take Three - Loser

Hola Sweets,

Well, here I am sitting in front of the TV for the third night in a row trying to watch Tuesday's Biggest Loser episode. I have been so tired lately that by the time I make it downstairs and locate it on my DVR my eyes are already dropping. I am at the final weigh in sweets.....I think tonight's the night, I'm gonna make it to the end! I love that Anna is always wearing Lululemon....

Exhibit A:
 Exhibit B:

Even Miss Allison Sweeny drinks the Lululemonade:

Even lulu can't make you look good in a harness
I added to my lululemon family this week.

I got the scoop neck in this lovely read color
such a sweet little color
some coordinating pants
for bikram
I know what you are thinking....."isn't Emily too embarrassed to post that last picture of herself wearing those short shorts with a bare midriff?" No way....a mean, check out those abs sweets! Baaaahhhhhh.

Well, sorry for the short post sweets, but I am a tired lady these days....I need to get ready to hit the hay. I will be back on Saturday with an update of my first ever TRX class!!!! Soooo excited!!!!

Dear TRX,please make me skinny for my upcoming beach vacation
Nighty night sweets!!!!


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