Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hey Sweets, Good Morning!

It has been pretty sunny here lately, but we have had a few recent snow storms. Although Buckley is still trying to forget the humiliation of the first snow fall of the year, we made it up to him by taking him on a hike and showing him that snow can be fun. He had a blast, I have photographic evidence!

Look, a rare snow-doodle!

Even HM and I had some fun playing around in the snow.

"As soon as this photo is over, I am going to jump on mom"
The great thing about where I live is that a 15 minute drive puts me above the snowline. For a girl that does not like winter, I do love hiking in the snow. It was not quite deep or "powdery" enough to require my snowshoes. Oh and sweets, please note that HM has agreed to cross country ski with me this season. Remember that, okay sweets? I don't want him backing out of this promise later!

"I, Handsome Michael, promised my wife that I would take her cross country skiing"
This is one of the first photos of HM and I together
I was looking through some of my photos from last winter and it looks like I had some fun times in the snow!!  I am going to have to start setting play dates for winter hiking! Who wants to play?

That is a Yurt behind us, where we enjoyed a 5 course meal!

Sweets, what are your favorite winter activities?


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