Friday, November 25, 2011

Our Charlie Brown Christmas

Dearest Sweats,

If I want to tell you about my day, I would have to start at the beginning.....3:30 AM this morning. HM and I set our alarms for 3:30 AM and quickly headed out the door to Sears. If Black Friday brings out the underbelly of society, then Sears would have to be the rock from which they crawled out from under. I mean seriously! Anyways, the mattress has been purchased and will be delivered next Friday. Unst unst unst!

After returning home and taking a 6 hour nap, The "family" headed north to get our Christmas tree. For two years I have begged HM to cut down our own tree. Finally this year, he agreed! We searched long and hard:

I tried to convince HM that we should get a big old tree.

Buckley had his eyes on a wee little tree.

We soon found a tree the whole family could agree on and got to work. Some of us worked harder than others:

After HM sawed the tree down all lumber jack style and loaded it in the car we headed to Target to buy some decorations.

"They better not love this tree more than they love me!"

Before you could say 'Deck The Halls', HM and I had our tree decorated and lit up for the big reveal. It was....well......the under dog of Christmas trees.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
For every Christmas we spend together, HM is allowed to add one of his terrible Star Trek ornaments. We are in year two. Because we have such a small tree this year, the Star Trek-i-ness seems almost overwhelming. Here is a close up for you Sweets:

Last year's addition

This year's addition

Have you Sweets started decorating yet? What is your favorite holiday decoration?


  1. My husband has a mini Star Trek tree that he and his mother started! My parents seem to be following a Christmas Vacation theme with me.


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