Friday, November 18, 2011

Night at the Museum

Good Morning Sweets!

I had the best night last night. The new Natural History Museum opens today in Salt Lake City. HM and I went to the Opening Gala last night and unlike the terrible movie starring Ben Stiller, it was a hit!!! The new museum is breath taking:

I mean absolutely breath taking.

It reminded me of the MOMA in New York City. I don't know who designed the MOMA, but this museum was designed by the person who did the Holocaust Museum (which I have never been to....yet). The level of detail that went into the design had me hopping up and down- as best one can do in heels anyways. There were many places throughout the museum where the floors were glass/plexiglass/something and you could look down and see dinosaur fossils. So I had to keep stopping on them and have HM take my photo.

I am not one to geek out over architecture, but I couldn't get over how stylish the museum was. It had a very industrial meets art museum look. What you cannot see in the above photo of the exterior is that the entire facade of the building is made of copper (thanks Kennacott Copper Mines). The floors were a mixture of brushed cement (love!) and wood ramps (love!). In away, it is my dream house...minus all the bones.

Museum by day......that's copper kids!
Lucky for me, HM knows everything about anything and could answer things like "Is that real bone?"
The answer is: Yes, fossilized bone

Lucky Me, My husband is smart and looks great in a suit
The museum had a ton of engaging exhibits. One of my favorites was the "press and sniff" area. You could press a button and the smell of the plant would come out. I spent quite a while smelling all the plants in Utah Valley.

We spent most of our time eating and drinking and not looking at all the exhibits, so lucky for us we are members! We have a year of unlimited visits to the museum. I will definitely be back! I did pretend to be interested in a membership last night so a lady could tell me all about it and give me a box of candy rocks and an application to join.

To all my local Sweets- You must go....although I think regular admission tickets are sold out for the maybe wait a bit.

To all my non-local Sweets- this is now a major tourist stop if you find yourself in the Salt Lake Valley.

"you lucky jerks, I can only admire from afar."


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