Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fun Runs Can Be Fun!

Hey Sweets!

I realized this last weekend how much I like "fun runs". Fun runs are what I like to call goal-less runs. I am not training for anything right now. I had no amount of miles I had to "get done". I didn't have a pace time....heck, I didn't even have a preplanned route.

After that wild party on Saturday night (see yesterday's post) HM and I got up at 6am and went for a VERY lovely fun run in Tuscon.

We started from HM's mothers house and just started out with an easy pace. About 1.5 miles into the run, we came across a fun trail/canyon.

We tried to run as far into the canyon as we could, but it quickly changed into deep sand and rocks. No worries, we took a nice leisurely walk where HM allowed me to stop for many photo breaks.

After we finished our hike and returned to the paved trail, we ran another mile and half back to the house. We had enough time to enjoy and AWESOME breakfast made by the MIL before getting cleaned up and heading to the airport for our return to SLC. HM won't let me post photos of him getting cleaned up in the shower, so you will have to make due with Rosco's morning bath:

Alright sweets. Talk to you later!


  1. What a fun run/hike! I like when there are no paces or goals...jut to have fun!

  2. Beautiful run!

    And I really love your neon shoe laces, where did you get them from? I just ordered a new pair off of amazon, hope I got the right ones.


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