Monday, November 21, 2011

Body by Biscuts

Morning Sweets,

Everybody have a good weekend? Great. Fantastic. Good to hear it. I may have too much fun Friday night and overslept a wee bit for my scheduled hair cut. I jumped out of bed and flew to the salon and made it just in time. It took my hairdresser a good 10 minutes to comb out my sleepy head. Lucky Lady. I informed her she had a choice between me brushing my teeth or brushing my hair before I saw her. She was grateful that I choose my teeth. Okay then, zip it.

See? Told you I brushed my teeth!
My scheduled appointment took longer than I had hoped and I was STARVING by the time I stumbled out of there. I knew that this hunger was a hunger unlike all other hungers that have even been hungered...before. So clearly I had one choice. Biscuits and Gravy from Porcupine.

Looks a lot like another crime scene meal like yesterday....
Biscuits and gravy are NOT things that are usually on my list of foods. This is probably the 4th time in my life I have actually had the meal, but like I said, this was a serious hunger ya'll. Here is the grossest part about my gluttony- I was in and out in less that 35 minutes. Eww. This is a sit down restaurant for god sakes!!! I barely had time to admire the view!

I somehow convinced HM to go to Savers with me on the way home. It was sort of like a Goodwill. My hairdresser is very stylish and told me about all the amazing items she has purchased I thought what better way to waste a gloomy day other than picking through used crap. Exactly. While I was not too fond of the clothing sections, HM and I found some amazing exercise equipment. Talk about some vintage finds!
Quit crying kid, I just need to take a picture for my blog!

Couple of rolls later my biscuits and gravy belly was gone!

HM tried to use his fancy phone to scan the original price ticket (from Kmart) to determine if this was really worth the $2.99 it was marked....but sadly the barcode was no longer available....I can't imagine why.....

Nice gams...clearly her body isn't sponsored by biscuits!

I think all these gems were put here by the universe to tell me I needed to get to work and start burning off those biscuits and gravy. Damn you universe...quit raining on my parade.

This post is brought to you by Biscuits- proud sponsor of America's Obesity Epidemic


  1. guys have a lot more fun than I do at Savers:) I actually really love biscuits and gravy but I only get them at this one restaurant by my in-laws because they have the best ones ever! Have an amazing day!


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