Monday, November 28, 2011

Starting Slow & Finishing Strong


I know the post title would have you believe I did something epic today, but I assure I did not. The day started slow. I didn't want to get out of bed when my alarm went off, but my little handsome man dog must have known what I didn't until it was almost too late....I had an early meeting! Get up get up get up!

When all I did in the way of a response was take his picture, Buckley had to call for back-up:

All right you little losers! I will get up! I tossed together an outfit and was out the door in 45 minutes. Here is my OTD:

Wrap Dress: Tahari
Suede Boots: Nordstrom's

This dress is much cuter than the picture would lead you to believe. Oh well. Work was a little stressful today. It only re enforced my decision that a Monday night spin class would help relieve the stress. Yep that did the trick. The day started to pick up from there.

I made a nice little macadamia crusted fish and macaroni and cheese for dinner. I was unable to take any pictures for you sweets because I am a glutton. Clearly. Which leads me to my strong finish of the night....dessert!!!! Again, I am a glutton, so I was finished before you sweets even crossed my mind. Sorry.

Utah Amazing!

This place serves amazing sweets!!! The best are these yummys they call cake bites. They are bite size pieces of cake (duh) and they come in a variety of amazing flavors. I had three, gingerbread, egg-nog, and confetti cake. They were great. My day may have started slow but, it definitely finished strong!!!

Behold- the cake bites!
Well that is it for me Sweets. Have a great night!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Our Charlie Brown Christmas

Dearest Sweats,

If I want to tell you about my day, I would have to start at the beginning.....3:30 AM this morning. HM and I set our alarms for 3:30 AM and quickly headed out the door to Sears. If Black Friday brings out the underbelly of society, then Sears would have to be the rock from which they crawled out from under. I mean seriously! Anyways, the mattress has been purchased and will be delivered next Friday. Unst unst unst!

After returning home and taking a 6 hour nap, The "family" headed north to get our Christmas tree. For two years I have begged HM to cut down our own tree. Finally this year, he agreed! We searched long and hard:

I tried to convince HM that we should get a big old tree.

Buckley had his eyes on a wee little tree.

We soon found a tree the whole family could agree on and got to work. Some of us worked harder than others:

After HM sawed the tree down all lumber jack style and loaded it in the car we headed to Target to buy some decorations.

"They better not love this tree more than they love me!"

Before you could say 'Deck The Halls', HM and I had our tree decorated and lit up for the big reveal. It was....well......the under dog of Christmas trees.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
For every Christmas we spend together, HM is allowed to add one of his terrible Star Trek ornaments. We are in year two. Because we have such a small tree this year, the Star Trek-i-ness seems almost overwhelming. Here is a close up for you Sweets:

Last year's addition

This year's addition

Have you Sweets started decorating yet? What is your favorite holiday decoration?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hey Sweets, Come On In...

Hello Sweets,

I am glad that you can spend Thanksgiving day with me! As you can see, I was expecting you. The table is all set and ready for us to feast:

This is HM's Seat

This is Buckley's Seat

This is my seat

And this is your seat sweet.
Before we sit down at the table though, I think we need to earn our calories no? Let's go on a quick little jog....

I have the just the route for us. We can start from my house and run to the park. If we cut down to the park on the south side of the high school, we can find a nice little path by the water. Follow Buckley, he knows the way.

Hey look, a touch football game. Nothing says Thanksgiving Day like a family football game!

"Can I be your water boy?"
 Anyways, let's get on with our workout shall we? I think we should stop to do some lunges and push ups. HM is going to add a few miles on while we get our pump on.

Looks like HM is ready to turn around now and run back to the house. Lets go. I am just starting to hungry!!!!

Thanks for the motivation sweets. We have definitely earned our carbs. Take a seat and let's get started! On the table we have, Sweat Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Gravy, Cranberries, Turkey, Green Bean Casserole, Crusty Rolls. Oh and don't forget to grab some of the Coconut Curry Butternut Squash Soup I made!!!!

This might be more than 3 miles worth
Well, I am stuffed. How about you? Why don't we call it an early night. HM and I are getting up at 3am to bust some doors down. That's right, we are getting up at the pre-break of dawn to buy a new mattress!!!!

Thanks for stopping by Sweets! Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

5AM Spin Class & A Rant Post


So I have been working out very diligently lately because the Dominican Republic vacation is right around the corner.
See ya soon my dear.
Part of my revised workout plan has been 5:45AM spin classes. Yeah, you heard it. 5:45AM! This leaves me time to do my weight lifting on my lunch break (in theory- I have not been perfect on this part of the plan). I have been doing three spin classes a week, one 5K, and one 45min stair climber session a week. It is going well, the hardest part is getting up at 5AM.

The rest is easy. I actually feel really good the rest of the day. Buckley, however, has had enough. He is a poodle who values his sleep and is none to happy having to get up so early to follow me around. None to happy at all.

"This is some serious bull $h!t"
Here comes the part of the post though where I begin to rant. As with all of my rant posts, read at your own risk sweets.

The gym has a sign-up sheet for the spin class. The sign up sheet is always full when I get there (30 minutes before class). Always. I don't know when people are having a chance to write there little grubby names down because it is full days before the class. Most of the classes have open bikes after the class has started. They also don't take "role". I am so annoyed by this pointless system that I decided to stick it to the man. I have signed up for every spin class the gym offers next week. Morning, noon and night. What? No, I have no intention of going to all those classes. I also plan to just start going to a class, even if I have not signed up. If it is first come first served on paper, why is it not first come first served in class? The Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street is probably behind this silliness!

I'll show them! Moo ha ha ha.
Okay sweets, no hate mail now about "people like me".

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hey Sweets, Good Morning!

It has been pretty sunny here lately, but we have had a few recent snow storms. Although Buckley is still trying to forget the humiliation of the first snow fall of the year, we made it up to him by taking him on a hike and showing him that snow can be fun. He had a blast, I have photographic evidence!

Look, a rare snow-doodle!

Even HM and I had some fun playing around in the snow.

"As soon as this photo is over, I am going to jump on mom"
The great thing about where I live is that a 15 minute drive puts me above the snowline. For a girl that does not like winter, I do love hiking in the snow. It was not quite deep or "powdery" enough to require my snowshoes. Oh and sweets, please note that HM has agreed to cross country ski with me this season. Remember that, okay sweets? I don't want him backing out of this promise later!

"I, Handsome Michael, promised my wife that I would take her cross country skiing"
This is one of the first photos of HM and I together
I was looking through some of my photos from last winter and it looks like I had some fun times in the snow!!  I am going to have to start setting play dates for winter hiking! Who wants to play?

That is a Yurt behind us, where we enjoyed a 5 course meal!

Sweets, what are your favorite winter activities?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Body by Biscuts

Morning Sweets,

Everybody have a good weekend? Great. Fantastic. Good to hear it. I may have too much fun Friday night and overslept a wee bit for my scheduled hair cut. I jumped out of bed and flew to the salon and made it just in time. It took my hairdresser a good 10 minutes to comb out my sleepy head. Lucky Lady. I informed her she had a choice between me brushing my teeth or brushing my hair before I saw her. She was grateful that I choose my teeth. Okay then, zip it.

See? Told you I brushed my teeth!
My scheduled appointment took longer than I had hoped and I was STARVING by the time I stumbled out of there. I knew that this hunger was a hunger unlike all other hungers that have even been hungered...before. So clearly I had one choice. Biscuits and Gravy from Porcupine.

Looks a lot like another crime scene meal like yesterday....
Biscuits and gravy are NOT things that are usually on my list of foods. This is probably the 4th time in my life I have actually had the meal, but like I said, this was a serious hunger ya'll. Here is the grossest part about my gluttony- I was in and out in less that 35 minutes. Eww. This is a sit down restaurant for god sakes!!! I barely had time to admire the view!

I somehow convinced HM to go to Savers with me on the way home. It was sort of like a Goodwill. My hairdresser is very stylish and told me about all the amazing items she has purchased I thought what better way to waste a gloomy day other than picking through used crap. Exactly. While I was not too fond of the clothing sections, HM and I found some amazing exercise equipment. Talk about some vintage finds!
Quit crying kid, I just need to take a picture for my blog!

Couple of rolls later my biscuits and gravy belly was gone!

HM tried to use his fancy phone to scan the original price ticket (from Kmart) to determine if this was really worth the $2.99 it was marked....but sadly the barcode was no longer available....I can't imagine why.....

Nice gams...clearly her body isn't sponsored by biscuits!

I think all these gems were put here by the universe to tell me I needed to get to work and start burning off those biscuits and gravy. Damn you universe...quit raining on my parade.

This post is brought to you by Biscuits- proud sponsor of America's Obesity Epidemic

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