Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tractors and Fashion

Howdy Sweats!

OMG, I had so much fun yesterday!!! To start, HM and I volunteered at Touch a Truck. As with most volunteer events, we stood around a lot and helped out when needed. This left plenty of time for us to have fun.

Example A: I contemplated joining the S.W.A.T. team of Salt Lake.

I'll show you domestic disturbance!
Exhibit B: HM got to geek out over heavy machinery (sadly I was unable to operate due to my DayQuil doses).

Exhibit C: We pretended to know the answer when people asked us for directions to the restrooms and stuff.

Trust me, I'm a volunteer.
It was a great event and I am so happy to be involved with the organization that puts stuff like this together for the community.

In the evening, we headed to the sketchy warehouse part of town for a YWCA fundraiser. Although the fear of being mugged on the way to the event lurked in the shadows back of my mind, the event itself was really fun. It was an Art Meets Fashion event.

Sketch outside, trendy inside

As soon as we arrived, we hopped in the photo booth and cheesed it up:

Not bad for a picture of a picture!
We wandered around after waiting in really long drinks lines and looked at the art displays.

Very pretty for an old warehouse!
 Then came the fashion shows. They were local fashion designers mixed with performance art. Very fun!!! My favorite, the trapeze girls. Um, I want to learn how to do this!!!!!

Smile for my blog and I will give you a cracker.

Oh what a fun time. I love weekends like this!!!!!! I hope everybody else's weekend is going GREEEAAAATTTTTT!!!!!!


  1. This looks amazing! I had no idea this was in SLC. How fun!

    By the can find the bod pod testing at Peak Fitness up at the U:

    It's totally worth it!


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