Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Must Not Cry

Oh Hey There Sweets,

Woo wee, today was non-stop action packed for me!!! My work was doing flu shots today. Now, normally I pass on the flu shot, but I am currently suffering from a stupid cold. You now how it goes when you are sick right? You start saying things like.....What does healthy feel like? Will I ever be healthy again? or the all classic.....WHY ME?!?!?! So this year I decided to just do it. It is an odd thing to get a shot in front of all your coworkers and their families. HM kept telling me that since my coworkers children were not crying, I had no business crying.

Just cry already little girl!

No tears here sweets. Oh yeah, Unst Unst Unst!

Of course then the lovely nurse casually mentions that since it is my first flu shot ever, I will likely feel some slight flu like symptoms. Oh just lovely! I already feel like crap with this cold!!!

Gee, thanks lady.
 I left work early and headed over to an elementary school in the area for my first Kids in the Kitchen session. Side note: It went pretty well. The nurse told me that I should move my arm as much as possible to avoid being sore from the shot.  Sounds smart to me! I headed to the gym after Kids in the Kitchen and attempted a kickboxing class.

Hated it. I stuck it out for 20 minutes but then I bailed and hit up the row machine. I finished my time at the gym with a grueling 10 minutes on the stairs. I turned it to Fat Burn and upped the level I do by 4, I definitely sweated broke in my new workout clothes!

Speaking of new workout clothes.....I am very much looking forward to tomorrows's upload on lululemon. There is a new pink rumored to appear sweets. It's called Paris Pink I think and ME WANTS!!!!

Is that you Paris Pink?


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