Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Left My Heart in Orlando


Where should I start? Well, we arrived in Orlando last Tuesday about 5pm. Since it was too late to head to the parks, we decided to get on a boat at the dock by our hotel and cruise on over to Downtown Disney. It was pretty easy to convince HM that we should get our caricatures done. What do you think?

HM has the jaw of a super hero!!!
The next day we woke up nice and early to go to Magic Kingdom. I learned something about my dear husband. He may look handsome here:

Can't knock this boy's posture!
But this super hero screams like a chick on rides. Yep, it's true.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
It's cool, I will get over it because he makes a mean Mr. Potato Head....

Until we removed the mustache and added the popcorn, it looked a lot like Hitler

HM was also willing to pose for countless pictures, which usually involved me setting up my camera and tripod on any available surface (like garbage cans) and then posing for 90 seconds waiting for the auto timer to take the picture. He was a good spot and even started playing along:

Literally, HA!!!!!!
I am witty and hilarious and awesome.
The next day it was off to Hollywood Studios.....and more tripod photos:

Lady to the right is pissed because I am wearing white pants after labor day

That would bring you sweets up to speed to Friday where we spent the day at Animal Kingdom. Saturday, the day of the race (10pm start time) was spent at Epcot. There were many more photos of my looking stupid but I don't want to overwhelm you so I will hold off. Until tomorrow.....tune in Wednesday for a culinary tour of my trip. It includes all the delicacies offered in Orlando theme parks...everything from burgers to lobster tails!

Oh....and today's OTD is brought to you by Downtown Disney's Apricot Lane Boutique:

Have a lovely day sweets- let's chat tomorrow shall we?

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  1. I was out of the blogging loop last week. I wish I would have known you were coming to Orlando! I live there! It looks like you had so much fun!


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