Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hello Sweets!

Are you dressed up today? Let me know what you are going to be for Halloween! Some poodles are getting into the spirit:

"I'm a Sexy Nurse"
We will be shutting off the lights tonight, locking the doors, and heading out to dinner and a movie. Sorry kids. Like Martha Stewart, I just find trick or treaters a nuisance. That is not to say that HM and I didn't celebrate in our own way. We went to Tucson this weekend and accompanied the MIL to a party hosted by her club The......wait for it...............Rock and Roll Club. Ah yeah. I bet you can guess it was the wildest Halloween party thrown by a retirement active adult community.

Nice trunk grandma!

Behind the scenes info: The above picture features the locally famous Village Idiots. You can probably guess that the dance performed was the YMCA, but what you probably can't guess is that shortly after taking this photo, the song ended, and the women threw bras and panties at them. See? Told you it was wild!

Disclosure: The under garments were props.....not currently in use.

So want to know what every body's costume was?!?!?!?! Here we go....

HM and I as Popeye and Olive Oyl

SIL as Miss Congeniality

MIL as TWA Flight Attendant

MIL's Special Friend as Charlie Sheen

There were some great costumes and it was a great time. It was my kind of party, start time 7pm, end time 9:30pm. Ahh yeah, I closed it down!!!

My favorite part of the evening, besides HM's enthusiasm for doing the twist on the dance floor, were the small notices taped to all the soda bottles:

And you thought I made the Rock and Roll Club stuff up!

Alright Sweets, let me know what you are going as for Halloween. Better yet, send me a picture at


  1. The costumes turned out great! Good Job Em!


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