Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Disney Plate

Hiya Sweets!

So here is the plan....I am going to give you a race recap tomorrow and then Saturday I will be posting a much needed Rant Post. Remember, if you are easily offended or don't seem to think I am funny then you should skip the weekend and check back in with Sweating Sugar next week.

Here comes the play by play of my meals in Disney World. Were you all on the edge of your seats?

It started with black linguini and shrimp

enjoyed here
For our first nice meal, after a day eating junk, we went to Jiko. Here is the lobby of the hotel.....the restaurant was too nice to be the "the girl photographing each course".

The night did involve cinnamon and curry butter. Good stuff!
The next night we headed back to downtown Disney and ate here:

The restaurant was on a river boat

I ordered a lobster tail

twice baked potato

and sauteed mushrooms
 Service was terrible, lobster okay, potato dry, and overall lack luster. Me no recommend. The next day at Animal Kingdom totally made up for it though! We had lunch at the Tusker House!!

No one does "Africa Theme" better than Disney

It was a buffet, with an African twist, and REALLY good

I mostly loaded this plate for the blog....mostly.
Who knew you could try so many different foods without leaving Walt Disney World?!?!?! The last day in Epcot, we made reservations at Cafe Marrakesh in the Morocco section of Epcot. I am an adventurous eater and so is HM. I love that about him because my pet peeve is a picky eater!!!

Again, it was too nice inside to snap photos with my camera phone!

For those of you that have actually read this entire post....congratulations. You are a true sweet! Here is your reward. It is a photo of HM after he spilled sauce down his shirt on the plane. He was so upset at first...and I tried to play understanding helpful first.....but I got a serious case of the giggles and by the end it was probably the funniest part of our trip. The polo in this picture met its end in a trash can in the Orlando airport. R.I.P.

This picture does not capture the damage!

Tune in tomorrow for the race update!


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