Thursday, September 1, 2011

One Smart Cookie

Hey sweets,

Wow. This week sort of seemed long....that is not a complaint, just an observation. It feels like Monday was ages ago! I knew this Friday was going to be a success from the moment I made this salad for lunch:

That would be goat cheese, avocado, cranberries, and pine nuts!!!! Oh Billy! Better than the other options I can see from my office. Cookies, Chocolate, and Ice Cream OH MY!

Damn your existence Smart Cookie!

There is this couch in my office and every time I pass it, it calls my name louder and louder. "Pssst, Emily....take a nap on me- no one will notice!"

I am sure I can pull through....I better! HM and I have dinner plans with some Jr. League people tonight and it is going to be a late one. If I can remember to take pictures (and get consent to post their mugs on the blog) I will share details tomorrow.

Until then, I leave you with this weeks final OTD:

Taken at Finns...just because I go to an office does not mean I would miss out on our Friday routine!

Dress: Anthropologie
Belt: Anthropologie
Earrings: Anthropologie
Necklace: ?Forever 21?
Boots: Fryes

Workout hard one day this long weekend, will ya....for me? It might help me get a move on too!


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