Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Luau In The Mountains

Hey Ya'll (sweets),

Just wanted to check in with you all before I tucked myself in for the night. Man has it been a busy day! I was in and out of a work conference all day and didn't get home until 9:30pm. Dang, corporate life is exhausting. My company is hosting a huge conference all week and tonight ended with a luau....yep, a luau in SLC. Say hello to my dinner:

Hey lil piggy, can you say aloha?

 I don't have a problem eating food presented this way, but is it too much to ask to camouflage the bullet hole before plating it? Just kidding, it just looks that way in the picture.

Because of all the work festivities, I did not get to work in my new lunch time gym workout. I worked from home a bit, and probably could have found a chance to workout, but I could not look like a drowned sweaty rat for the evening luau now could I?!??!!

This is what a luau in SLC looks like
It was a wonderful night out...probably about 75 degrees after the sun went down. As I sat there, drinking my mango mojito and alternating sips with bites of Babe (see above), my mind started wandering.....is hula dancing a good workout?

Polynesian Zumba?
I had a lot of fun today, but I am most definitely exhausted! As I am writing this post, I have eggs boiling for my lunch tomorrow. Also in my lunch pail, and by that I mean small lululemon bag, are pre-packaged blueberry packs and clementines. Add a couple of hard boiled eggs and roasted almonds and you got yourself a lunch! I will be back on track tomorrow at the gym during lunch and then eating my goodies throughout the day.

Time for bed for this little sweaty sweet. I leave you with this OTD from yesterday:

close (but blurry) shot of the pattern. LOVE!
Shirt: Gap (xsmall!!!!)
Skirt: Gap (size 4!!!!)
Necklace: old...who knows!
Shoes: Corso Coma

I have not bought anything from the Gap in probably 15 years....but now that I know I wear the teeny tiny size there, I might have to start!!!! It also helps that the outfit was purchased for under $50! WORD.

Do you sweets have a favorite store? Do share!


  1. The pig looks awesome and so do you! Good job Emily, you look amazing!

  2. gotta love the itty bitty sizes. i like the limited because they say i wear a size 4. and sometimes an extra small too..

  3. I love that about Old Navy and Gap--I get to wear tiny sizes and I love it!
    Oh, I hula dances for a few years when I grew up in Hawaii, it's a killer workout!

  4. That pig reminds of the movie, Contagion, that just came out. Two words: swine flu.

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