Thursday, September 15, 2011

Liar Liar - My Pants Can't Zip Higher


How is everybody today? Good I hope! I had a pretty good day myself, but there was one little rough patch that I thought I would share with you sweets. HM was his regular handsome self and agreed to come to my office and take me out to lunch. Ahhhh. My building is the only office building in a fun little plaza of restaurants, shops and a movie theater. We have been working our way around the lunch options in the plaza.

Cute, a watercolor rendition of my office and plaza. Thanks Google images!
Today we went to a place called Santa Monica's. They serve things like pizza, pasta, calzones, salads, etc. HM immediately wanted a calzone, but figured it was too "heavy", but then we noticed a section of the menu that was titled "Light Stuff". There were 4 "mini" calzones (why am I using so many "quotations") listed in this section. They each included a calorie count. HM ordered one that was 530 calories....what a "glutton" and I ordered one that was listed at 410 calories. Sounds good to me! Hee ahhh. Here is what came out:

Had I not eaten the center out, it would have looked bigger!
 There is NO WAY IN HELL this monster was only 410 calories!! Maybe it only used 410 calories worth of OIL!!!! It is the size of my friggen fork for god sakes! Yes, I laid my fork on top of it to show size relation.I left screaming LIAR LIAR, MY PANTS CANT ZIP HIGHER! Apparently this is an issue that has been uncovered- restaurants are dramatically under estimating the calorie count of their food. A study by Tufts University claims that restaurants often UNDER estimate, on average, the amount of calories by about 200%. Excuse me? Yes, 200%. I am not saying I won't go back there, some of the salads look great, but I will be doing my own calorie estimations THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Take my fat food fest as a lesson learned for all of us, okay sweets?

Here is the OTD, taken before this lard fest lunch, when my zipper still zipped!

Skirt: White House Black Market
Shirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: A million years old (look familiar Ash?)
Perfectly Match Earrings: Forever 21
Poodle: Charity Case

Have you ever experienced a "too good to be true" calorie count moment?


  1. We have a Santa Monica's by our house and Paul can't get enough of it. I've tried various things there, and the only thing I've been truly impressed with is their breadsticks. Everything else just seems like it's brimming with fat, which is probably why nothing seems appetizing... I don't know, that's just me :) Cute outfit, btw.

  2. Your outfits always look so cute! And even though that calzone looks DELICIOUS---410 calories? I would be really surprised!


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