Monday, September 26, 2011

Its a Friday-Monday & Me Happy!

Hey Sweets!

Good Monday? Me too. I am feeling pretty happy this evening. There are a lot of things that are contributing to the happiness so I thought I would share a few of the things that have me riding high today:

1. I loved my outfit today. Figures, the one day I forget to snap a OTD shot. It involved this new skirt from Anthro:

2. I finished my first big project at the new job today. Just in time for number 7 on this list:

3. I discovered an AMAZING new flavor of Greek Gods yogurt. Go directly to the store after reading this post and get some:
It tasted like Fall, but not dead leaves

4. I went to a killer spin class right after work. After rushing to tie up all loose ends on my project, I needed to blow off the steam and lower my stress level. Accomplished! I used to take classes from this instructor 3 years ago and then I moved and switched gyms. Now that I get a discount to this gym and it is right by my office, I get to be reunited with her!! Yah!

Plus, I looked great in my new sports bra.

5. After that tough spin class, I didn't need to feel guilty when I brought home dinner from here:

6. I have the cutest poodle EVER:

7. I have the rest of the week off and I will be spending it in the happiest place on earth:

Boom! That's Disney World Ya'll
Feeling good peeps! I hope this high lasts until Saturday for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon!!!!!! Wish HM and I luck!!!!!!

What makes you happy Sweets?


  1. Try the honey greek god yogurt. OMG...I love how it tastes. It is awesome and you will love it.

  2. Good luck on your half!!! Love that skirt, super cute.

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