Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gym Rat For Lunch

Hey Sweets,

You are probably sick of hearing about it by now, but I am still working out the kinks of how I plan to balance my work schedule with my gym schedule. As I come to the end of my first week, I decided to try a few things.

Working out after work SUCKS and I already get up way earlier than HM as it I am going to take the low cost gym membership offered through the company and hit up the gym at lunch. It is literally in the next parking lot. See:

Can you spot the Golds Gym?

This is the first week I have implemented my plan and I have to works out GREAT!!!! I absolutely love it. First, I actually look forward to going to the gym. It means a break from the office. I have always been the type of person who stays at her desk and eats- making for one looong day. Now, I work for ~4 hours, take and hour and a half off for the gym, grab lunch on the way back into the office (usually a lunch I packed from home) and finish the rest of the day. I love it!!!! So far, I am still sticking to my normal schedule:

Monday: Easy Run 4-5 miles
Tuesday: Weights (routine j)
Wednesday: Sprint or speed run 3-4 miles
Thursday: Weights (routine k)
Friday: OFF
Saturday: Long run 5-10 miles
Sunday: Weights (routine l)

I will keep you posted on any new modifications to my routine.

To ensure I don't look like this:

Just another day in corporate paradise

I take basic shower items (i.e. loofah, body wash, deodorant, shower cap, face wipes) so I can quickly rinse off without getting my hair wet. I plan to bring my trusty friend- the blow dryer to dry any sweaty/wet hair. Bada bing bada boom - work ready!

Shirt: Old...who knows?!!?!?
Capris: Express
Necklaces: random collections

I think we need a new poll! This week, I want to know, 

When do you sweets like to get your workouts done?
Noon (approx.)

Have a wonderful holiday weekend sweets. Any fun plans?


  1. I love lunch time work outs. I can't swing it everyday, but that's my favorite time! If not, lately I've been going in the evenings. I can't seem to drag my butt out of bed lately.


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