Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Battle Of The Ages

Hello Sweets!

I am writing this post as I catch up on the first Biggest Loser episode of the season. Dang I like this show and I am very excited for the new season!!! I am calling it right now Sweets, Ramon is going to be in the final four.

So for those of you that don't follow the show, this season is called the Battle Of The Ages. There is going to be three teams, broken down by ages: <30, 31-49,  and >50.

I love Bob Harper, and although part of me misses Jullian's sneer, I am excited to have two new trainers on the show. Maybe I will get new workout ideas from watching the show. I guess there will be a lot more of me watching the Biggest Loser while on my spin bike:

Bike: "I was lonely this summer"
This episode, however, was watched in my pajamas on the couch.........which is a much more attractive couch than this picture would lead you to believe. At least I cleaned myself up this morning with this OTD:

Dress: Express
Belt: Express
Boots: Fryes
Earrings: from Argentina street fair
Turquoise Ring: vintage-thanks grandma

How many of you sweets watch the Biggest Loser? If not, what is your favorite show on TV?


  1. I love your outfit!!

    I watch it from time to time. I used to watch every show but now I try to catch it when I can.

    You have a spin bike in your living room? Awesome!


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