Thursday, August 4, 2011

We We We, We So Excited

Gooooodddd Daaay Sweeets,

I love the feeling of being completely worn out by the time my rest day rolls around (Friday). If you are a fan of the lyrically talented Rebecca Black, you know that Thursday comes before Friday. Today being Thursday, I have a doozy on the schedule.

In preparation, I stretched real good after my 5 mile run yesterday:

My arches have been cramping since Step class Wednesday, so I made sure to give them some love too:
You Sweets probably know the 30% rule- only increase your mileage by 30% (don't quote me). Well, since I think I might have read that somewhere, I wanted to apply the same rule to my rest day. I didn't want to jump into my rest day marathon of Toddlers and Tiaras and cause injury, so I am gradually building up my base. Just like running. Last night I watched 2 glorious episodes while Buckley and I got ready for the final workout of the week by foam rolling.

We We We, We so excited.

So what is on the gym agenda today? First, HM and I will be lifting the H routine followed by 30 minutes of cardio (elliptical). Hopefully, I can sneak back to the gym before book club and do a Zumba, Pilates, or Spin class. Wish me luck.

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