Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tour of Utah

Bonjour Sweets,

I hope everybody's weekend in going swimmingly. HM and I had a very interesting afternoon. We were able to be enthusiastic supporters on the final stage of the Tour of Utah. Not that we are fans of the Tour de France, but it was an opportunity to see some of the competitors and Olympians in person.
Lucky for us, our friends have a house that is along the fourth (of five) stage of the course. Even better it is on a downhill straight away. The cyclists were clocked at 55 mph. I am too scared to even drive my car that fast!!! The route required the riders to complete the lap 11 times (for a total of 80 miles I think) so we were able to see them race down the hill multiple times. Here is a video and picture of all the excitement:


As a runner, and a perceptive human being, I naturally don't like cyclists (rude, spandex wearing lane hogs). I am not a bigot though....I have a lot of friends that are cyclists. So we're cool. I tell you this because I am building up to something sweets. After watching the race, both in person and then running inside to watch the televised parts we could not see from the house, I do have a greater respect for the sport. There is a lot of strategy to it. It is unlikely I will ever take it up...but I did offer to drive the support car for my friends on their next race!

Driving 60mph in a residential zone and not bothering with stop signs? okay!

Definitely a fun experience! Congratulations on the win Mr. Francisco Mancebo, you looked very fast from where I was sitting on the lawn stuffing my face with food.

Is it just me or do his shorts make it look like he took a speed bump a little too fast?

How many of you sweets did I offend? In other words, how many of you are into cycling? Have you ever raced or been a spectator?


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