Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Soundtrack

Good Morning Sweets,

I hope you sweets are filling up your calenders with fun things for the weekend! Tonight, HM and I will be heading up to Deer Valley to listen to the Utah Symphony preform Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. The summer concerts are great, especially for a girl who used to be in a symphony herself! Note: The little girl in this story is me.

Seriously? Can you think of a better soundtrack for a picnic of fried chicken and wine in the mountains?

This is something HM and I did last summer as well. Last year we went to the Utah Symphony presents, Songs of Led Zeppelin. HM was so out of his element! To find my way back from the bathrooms, I would just wander through the crowds until I found that one guy who was reading the Great Gatsby and drinking wine out of a Dixie cup.

2010 Deer Valley- odd man out

I am sure this year will be just as fun as last year. Let's all hope I don't drink too much and spend the car ride home lamenting about how summer is almost over. I am getting misty eyed just thinking about it.......

Of course, before the fun can begin we will need to get our sweat on. We shifted a few things around this week so we will be heading to the gym to lift and then follow it up with some cardio. I can't wait! I downloaded True Blood on the pod last night and am totally HOOKED. Oh Gossip Girl, sigh, what did I ever see in you

Okay sweets, fill up you calendar with fun stuff for the weekend. At the very least, do something to take advantage of summer. It will be gone before you know it....oh no, here come the water works again!


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