Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Step Class and Snow Owls

Hey There Sweets,

You may have noticed already, but I am working my way through all the different group exercise classes at the Gym. This week I have gone to Zumba, Yoga, Body Pump, and yesterday- Step.

What did I think you ask? Well, it was sort of fun. The class I went to was taught by the same instructor that teaches the Cardio Hip Hop class, so clearly the dude can dance. Over the years, I have been to a few Step classes. The best one was the one taught by my friend Lori @ It's A Sweaty Life. Yesterday's class was a little more like a hip hop class with an obstacle in your way. I did okay at following the choreography, but there were still many times when I just stepped up and down while everyone else got their boogie on.

One lady laughed at me for just alternating knees and stepping up an down. This was easy to do since I was in the back of the class and at many points the entire class had rotated to face the back. Ah cool, lucky me.

Yeah lady I get it-you're good. So what. Nice leotard. LOSER!

I plan to go back again for another class. I like group fitness classes because there is an energy in everyone doing the same moves at the same time. I really liked the Body Pump class for that reason too. The two workouts a day schedule has been working nicely for me and the scale. One AM workout and one PM workout. I may not be able to get to a PM workout tonight, but we will see.

In other news, I ordered the cutest shorts from Lululemon. They are called Ghost Snow Owl (speed shorts) and should arrive Thursday or Friday. I am so excited!!!!

Today's Workout Schedule:
Speed Run - 1 mile warm up/4x.50mile/1 mile cool down
2nd workout? 45 mins on the stairs?

Hope all is well on your Wednesday. I think I need a little pool action to simulate my libations on the beach. If you have not already, vote in this week's poll!


  1. I love step classes, but sadly there aren't any at my gym.

  2. Those shorts are SO cute! I never do classes, but I need to.. they seem like a great workout.


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