Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Running Off My Summer Fun

Good Afternoon Sweets,

I had a Kids in The Kitchen meeting the other night and there was obviously a lot of talk about nutrition and exercise. The committee is in the process of building lesson plans for the upcoming school year. One lesson plan that we will be delivering is based around how much exercise it takes to compensate for a poor food choice. It got me thinking:

Sunday's lunch:
Nothing says diet like perogies and bratwursts!

Girl's Night Out:

My award winning fruit dip

Miz Evil (the friend formally known as Miz Liz):
"Come on, you know you want some Jr. Mints"

Now I know why I have to clock 15+ miles and 5+ hours a week at the gym!

Tell me sweets, what are your weaknesses? Whats your reason for clocking time at the gym?


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