Friday, August 19, 2011

New Poll and A Big Day

Afternoon Sweets,

I have a big day on the schedule today and an even bigger day planned tomorrow. I hope you didn't forget....tomorrow is RACE DAY!!!! I think our little HM is nervous. I have been really busy this week and have not had time to think about the upcoming race....until now!

I am excited because I am hoping to meet my goal and set a PR by finishing the race in 2hrs and 10 minutes. There are no flat sections on this course. It is a 4 mile climb sandwiched between two large downhill portions. This makes it hard to set a goal time accurately so only time will tell.

Tomorrow morning I will be standing here:

And hopefully 2 hours later I will be running through this Truman Show neighborhood towards the finish line:

This evening, HM and I are going to pick up our race packets. After that, the night continues with another exciting stop. Our friend has a show at a gallery here is Salt Lake City tonight. Very exciting! Although we can't join our friends for cocktails or stay out late, we can at least go and look at all his awesome artwork.

Then it is straight to bed for us. We have a 4am wake up!!!!!

I think it is time for a new poll! On a normal night, how many hours of sleep do you average in a night? Go vote in this weeks poll, located in the top right of this blog.


  1. Good luck tomorrow!!! It will be awesome! Can't wait to hear about it.

  2. Good luck tomorrow, can't wait to see how you do!!!

  3. Hi love, I've been MIA for a while, so please accept my belated happy wishes on your race yesterday!!!!!

    I hope you had fun.

    I'm sure you kicked it's butt.

    I am really addicted to LONG nights of sleep. Don't be surprised if I sometimes do 12 hours...but average on work nights is more like 6 or 7.


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