Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Man vs. Machine

Good Morning Sweets,

I went man verses machine yesterday, and I won! There is feeling, something like complete and utter victory, when you are on a treadmill long enough that it just shuts off. You have maxed out the time limit. In my post run imagination, I had images of the treadmill waving a little white flag in defeat. I beseech thee.

How should you celebrate when you are feeling like the victor? Pump some iron of course. Because I am a little behind on all my scheduled workouts (from the weekend away), I decided to take a body pump class.
In case you are wondering, Shakira only teaches Zumba. Body Pump is Starla's turf:

"Make this next one sexy!"

It was a good class though. I am VERY fatigued and can feel the sore muscles marching in. Of course, I knew that was going to be the case when I saw how sweaty I was leaving the gym:

10 points if you can find the sweat

Last week, you sweets did not seem very excited about the poll. Maybe asking sweets what their favorite distance to run is like asking a child how many spankings they want. None. I decided to post a different kind of poll this week. One of pure leisure.

What vacation are you craving right now?
Libations on the beach
Exploring old castles
Trekking wild mountains
Navigating busy cities

This is a nicer poll sweets, so please weigh in! The poll is located in the top right corner of this blog.


  1. I LOVE Body Pump. I always used to leave that class feeling beat!

  2. i actually hate when the machine just shuts off at the end of the hour and i am not done, don't they know we are training for marathons here lol. the worst is the 30 mins ellipticals, my training calls for an hour people lol

  3. Wow, if those are actual photos of your instructor, she's RIPPED.
    Nice work kicking the treadmill's butt!

  4. I just voted, and noticed the results--so far, 100% are for beach holidays! I'm so on board with that!


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