Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lifting Love Update

Hola Sweets,

The big news in mi casa today is that yo implemented a new weight lifting routine. I live an action packed life don't I? En fuego.

The new routines will be posted on the Lifting Love page for future reference, but here is a sneak peak:

I have been slacking a bit since Saturday and skipped my first schedule J workout that I was supposed to complete yesterday. Guess what this means? I have to double up today. I plan to do my weight lifting and follow it by at least 45 mins of cardio. If I don't stick to my routine, there will be a serious case of sad eyes when I step on the scale!

"Damn you Beggin Strips!"

Sweets, how many of you have a workout plan that you stick to? If not, do you just wing it when you get to the gym?


  1. You look so cute and so hardcore in that lifting photo!!


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