Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Leaving No Sneaker Unturned...


Sad news sweets. Green Been is missing.

Who?!??! you say?

My iPod.
Last photo taken of Green Bean with friends

Last used on Saturday's run in Park City.
It definitely made it back into the car and down to SLC.
I went to the pool after the run and brought my gym bag with me.

HM kinda sorta thinks he saw it in his back seat and brought it into the house.
Normally things like this get put into my gym bag except I dumped everything out before going to the pool.

I have a race next weekend and I NEED an iPod. I feel pretty confident that the iPod would have to be in our house, but I am running out of places to look!!! What should I do? I could buy a shuffle for $49......

I don't wish this horror on anyone sweets. Agggghhhhhh. I can't even deal with a new poll today.I just need to be with family right now. Tomorrow I will have a new poll for you.


  1. Must by somthing in the air... my ipod went missing yesterday too. BUT, I still went for my 4 mile run last night and it was actually a bit nice. Happy treasure hunting trying to find it. If you do find it, please let me know where to look and maybe mine will be in that same spot...


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