Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Only Soda You Big Baby!

Hey Hey Hey (Sweets),

I used to post every morning, but things are obviously getting a little hectic and so now I must post at night. I will see how that goes, but if you Sweets stop reading then it is back to the AM for me! See how much I care?

Okay, well here are the highlights of my day. Things got off to a rocky start this morning when HM informed me that we were out of my cereal (we maintain different stashes).


"Its going to be your head HM!"

I eventually got it together with this OTD:

My eyes are not closed- I am just looking at my iPhone

Dress: BCBG
Shoes: BCBG
Necklace: From Art Fair

Then it was off to the office. My lunch was a grab bag of treats. Try- two frozen chicken patties, edemame, and a banana. I scrapped it all and went to Paradise Bakery instead.

So there is something about this office I have avoided thinking about, but after my 3pm tireds it started creeping into my brain......here is a hint:

The fact that it is Pepsi might help...

Yep, there is a fountain soda machine in the break room. All the soda you want there for the taking.....they even gave me a fancy cup! Now, I don't have a problem with diet soda like some people do (you say it will kill me? we shall see) but I don't know if cups and cups of soda will be good for me. I am going to have to impose a self limit. Only one glass on odd number days? Hey, tomorrow is the 1st! Hoo ahhh.

Why do you tempt me soda machine, why!!

Sweets, do you drink soda? How much it too much?


  1. Diet coke is one of my weaknesses. I think if you are drinking more soda than water, then it's too much.

    Cute Outfit.

  2. I feel you! We have free soda at work too and I try not to look at the damn machine. Of course it's right next to the water dispenser. That Dr. Pepper just calls me sometimes. I've gotten to where I only have one a week or so when I really really need a pick me up. (Of course I take caffeine pills to help me most days.)

  3. I know soda isn't great but it's a vice. I drink a soda every afternoon around 3 or 4 when I start to get sleepy. I don't think it's the worst choice!

  4. LOL! Can't resist it!

  5. It's really hard to choose between drinking soda and plain water… Nice share!


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