Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hot Piece of Spring

Good Morning Sweets,

What is the best way to spend the day after a race? Was your answer "at the hot springs"? If so, then you totally nailed it! On Sunday, HM, Dog, and I headed south to the Fifths Hot Springs. We figured that a nice leisurely hike followed by a soak in the hot springs was exactly what our aching muscles needed.

Picture from fall 2008 visit

It took us about an hour to get to the trail head. The drive really tested Buckley's patience.

The hike was a little over 2 miles (each way). As we got closer to the springs, the water started getting murky and there was that lovely sulfur smell.

HM perked up when he saw the 'Caution Nude Sunbathers' sign.

When we reached our destination, we found a giant rock on which we could stash our things and play in the water. The stream that ran through the middle was cold water. Around the edges and base of the stream, there were springs that came up from the ground. Those springs were very hot. You had to find the most comfortable mix of stream water and hot spring water. We also had to be very careful with the doodle so he didn't burn himself. We stuck close to the water fall where we knew it was safe for him.

After we had our fun, we headed back to the car. We were tired and it seemed to take longer on the way back even though it was downhill.

Me: There seems to be a lot of wasps on this part of the trail. I wonder....

HM: its because of that (points to exhibit A)

Exhibit A:

We finally made it back to the car and we were so hungry that we google mapped an In and Out as soon as we regained cell service. They should really put one by the trail head, jeeez.

Have you sweets ever been to natural hot springs? How do you recover the day after a race?


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