Friday, August 5, 2011

Give It A Rest

Howdy Sweets,

I woke up this morning and welcomed the rest day on my calendar. Friday started with our usual breakfast at Finns and then we followed it up with taking dog on a walk. He was a spirited little man this morning:

You know it is a rest day when:

I have some serious plans for my rest day. Since work is slow on Fridays, I plan to swing by the pool. Maybe enjoy some time with gummy bears. BTW- whats the deal with Swedish Fish? They taste gross and get stuck in your teeth. I guess I will never be one of the cooler bloggers like Janae.

I also plan to use my rest day to overdose on watermelon. I like to ball the watermelon and add mint leaves to the container and let it refrigerate over night.

Ahhhh, sounds like a day of solid plans if I do say so myself! I might also try to swing by the sauna to sweat out the 30 cloves of garlic I ate last night at book club. Poor HM. It was a good dinner though....

Just to follow up, I finished my book and it was terrible. Read with caution:
Our book club is planning to read this book (recently made into a movie starring Anne Hathaway). I will probably pick it up on my way to the pool.
Well this seemed like a rather long post. You are probably all screaming GIVE IT A REST. I plan to, thanks for the suggestion my sweets!


  1. I'm with you... gummy bears all the way. I can live with a few Twizzlers now and then but I'm a gummy bear girl.

  2. Cute dress. I am assuming that the dress is the placemat under the watermelon. Great idea on the watermelon.. might have to try that one tonight!

  3. and btw.... I LOVE SWEEDISH FISH!

  4. I confess--I love Swedish Fish! It's definitely a rest day when you're wearing a dress on the trail, haha!


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