Thursday, August 11, 2011

Faux Exercise

Good Morning Sweets,

So good news, Green Bean has turned up.

Where you ask? Well this is where it gets fun.....

Under the passenger seat in HM's car. Yeah, the same car that HM claims to have "turned upside down" looking for my iPod. I had not bothered to search the car myself because HM had already looked. As we were on our way to the Apple store to begrudgingly buy a shuffle, I wanted to look one last time. We literally pulled the car over to the side of the road and I jumped out and looked under my seat. TA DA!

I guess now I have no excuse to continue my faux exercise routines. Faux exercise is what you do when you are out of Gossip Girl episodes and don't have an iPod. Examples include:


Competitive Sports:

River Orienteering:

Sprinkler Sparring:

In all seriousness, I feel like I have not been giving it my all workout wise. I think my FAIL of a long run Saturday set the mood for the week. So today it is back on!

Today's Workout:
Speed workout: 5 miles with 1/2 mile speed intervals
Pilates and/or Zumba

Don't forget to vote on this weeks poll question. It is about annoying people at the gym!

I will leave you with this sweet shot of the doodle enjoying the park pond at sunset:


  1. Yeah!!! Mine turned up in a side pocket in one of my purses... don't know how it got there... Hey nice shoes in that blue dress...I think I remember those...hahahahah

  2. Story for you, that was prompted by your poll this week...
    On Tuesday I was going to get in some mileage on the 'mill, and there's a cardio cinema at my gym where you watch movies and while you work out. It's a nice distraction. There was a woman who came in and talked on her phone for 15 minutes on 3 different calls. RUDE. The guy next to me finally asked her to stop talking. Apparently my sideways glares were not enough to distract her from her phone conversation. Why come into the room where everyone is watching a movie and chat it up? Ugh. Some people.

    Good luck on getting in a good workout. I've been struggling with that some lately.

  3. Your "faux" sports look FUN! Glad you found the iPod, back to normal workouts!


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