Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Womb and Cozy at Yoga


I told you that I would let you know how my first anti-gravity yoga session went. You may remember me mentioning my Groupon deal and thoughts on yoga in this post. Well, I survived. At the beginning of class, I felt a huge sense of dread when the first pose was the "womb" pose.

"Wait a minute, I've been here before."
Let me tell you something sweets. I don't like all women events or organizations (except Jr. League of course). I hate the show Everybody Loves Raymond because it is based on cheap jokes about the difference between women and men (wife nags, husband too lazy ha ha ha, repeat) I am sure I am in the minority, but if you asked me to describe the birth of a child in one word....I would not choose Magical or Miracle.....I would say Messy or ECK. I tell you this to give you some background into my character (or lack there of). So you can imagine that starting off with "womb" pose where we are reminded that "on a cellular level, we remember the tranquility of being in our mother's womb and that we should channel those feelings of security and safety throughout the rest of class" did not set well with me. BARF.

Not to fear sweets, this tale has a happy ending. After that round of garbage was over, the class really picked up. In fact, I rather enjoyed myself! There was some much need stretching and flipping around. We even were told to swing in the hammock. FUN FUN FUN. There were several inverted poses. Not spending much time upside down, this was a cool experience. Some of the hanging made my spine lengthen...hear that sweets? I said lengthen and spine in the same sentence. Wow I am really a yogi now huh? All joking aside....I feel like I am standing taller. Mama likes!

I would rank this class in the top 5 yoga classes I have taken (the others being at my old gym in New York City). I am very excited to go back for another class. Even though it was challenging, I would not call it a workout, so I will be hitting the gym with HM after our dinner plans tonight.

For those of you sweets in SLC, you can check out the studio I went to here.

Anybody tried something like this before? What did you think? What is your favorite style of yoga? Also, don't forget to vote in this week's poll!!!


  1. This is so cool! I've never tried anything like this, but I would love to try it someday.


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