Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sweat Your Way To Normal

Good Evening Sweets,

Sorry to leave you hanging yesterday, but I was off spending time with my friends in Park City. One of my friends is getting married at the end of the month and we wanted to have a little fun. Although not a bachlorette party in the traditional sense, it was a girls night out with a purpose. Good times were definitely had by all:

Now the next thing I am going to ask is in no way related to last night's adventures....or is will have to guess. My question is - Can You Sweat Out A Hangover? The jury, and by jury I mean my friends and I, are still out on this. It would be more appropriate to say that it is a hung jury. Some of my friends are strong believers that the key to bouncing back after a crazy night out is to get up and workout the next morning. The worse you feel, the more you need it....or so they say.

I have not decided whether I agree or disagree. Golf clap for me: I was not hungover this morning and unable to run a trial study. That is definitely not to say I felt healthy and at the top of my game. I chose to hold off on working out until late afternoon. And I hit up the steam room after for good measure.

In an extensive Google research study I did (5 minutes ago), the rest of the population is just as divided as my group of friends. On the one hand, you remove toxins from your body by sweating. Alcohol is a toxin. On the other hand, a hangover is caused by dehydration and working out should only work to intensify that. Oh man Sweets, this is a tough one.

Want to weigh in? What do you think- will working out the next morning cure your hangover?


  1. I think a good workout with LOTS of water can definitely help your hangover. At least for me! But of course, having the motivation for that is a lot easier said than done!

  2. Eh, I would never workout after being hung over. I make sure I only drink on nights where the next day is a rest day. I'm a wuss though and not that dedicated. :)

  3. It may not be fun at first, but usually at the end of long workout while battling a hangover can be the best thing for me. I just make sure to up the electrolytes and drink plenty of water.


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