Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Superfoods for Supersweets

Greetings Sweets,

You know how some people do a "shake it out" run after a race or long run? Well, minus the overpowering perfume, I felt like an old lady with a bad hip after my last run so I decided to do a "shake it out" swim (patent pending, all rights reserved). I love when I go to the gym at an off time and can have the pool to myself. It was very meditative.

During my swim, I thought of the most amazing posts for Sweating Sugar. Including today's Superfoods for Supersweets.

Stroke, Stroke......Breath I should do a post about superfoods. Stroke Stroke.......Breath I am always trying to sneak superfoods into my diet. Stroke, Stroke .......Breath I will share some of my ideas with the sweets and maybe they can add some of their own!

First, what are superfoods? Thanks for asking. A superfood is a food that is nutrient dense. It is a food that is low in calories but has a lot of healthy crap that keeps you feeling full longer. Think about it, My breakfast of Greek yogurt and Kashi Go Lean comes in right around 270 calories. A small ("tall" in Starbonics) Vanilla Frappachino (with non-fat milk even) is 280 calories. Which one would make you feel full longer? Duh, my Greek yogurt dream breakfast!

Here are some other superfoods I had lying around the house and some ways I use them:

Spinach - this is great in smoothies. I am telling you, YOU CAN,T EVEN TASTE IT when it is added with fruit and other smoothie items. You and your significant other can even polish off an entire bag of spinach in one sitting by wilting it. To do so, simple heat some olive oil in a pan, add some fresh garlic (another superfood) and saute. Then add TONS of spinach and let it wilt down. I suggest topping with goat cheese. By the time it wilts down, you could eat the entire bag is less than 10 bites!

Beets - make a superfood salad. On arugula, add the beets (straight from the can), goat cheese, almonds, and Craisins, and even a balsamic reduction is you want to get fancy and match the beets. It is amazing and packed full of that good that sweet, that healthy stuff. If you know how to make your own hummus, you can even substitute beets instead of chic peas. I would suggest boiling your own beets instead of using canned ones for this. I don't know the recipe, but I know it requires a food processor and not a blender (I'm looking at you HM!)

I love that they are "fancy" beets!

Avocado - there are too many ways to use avocado in my opinion. I put it on top of chicken (with goat cheese, of course). I salt it and eat it plain. I love to put it in tomato soup and salads. It is a superfood simply because of all the ways it can be used!

Yams and Sweet Potatos - I love me some yams and sweet potatoes. I can't tell a difference really so I usually use yams. My trainer once suggested using extracts as flavorings to cut down on calories. I like to use the almond extract!!!

Stay back you filthy yam lover!

I could go on and on, but I won't. Here is a list of some other superfoods.

What superfoods are in your rotation sweets? Want to share some ideas of how you prepare them?


  1. We're big fans of brocoli over at the Chavez household and I've got tons of herbs planted on our back patio. Now I just have to find the time/energy to cook with them somehow... Btw, I would like it noted how disturbed I am at mention of "Calf's liver" on the super foods list. Sads.


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