Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Racing For The Weekend

Good Morning Sweets!!

Have you ever heard of Pioneer Day? Then you must be from or currently living in Utah. It is a state holiday and quite the big deal here. A lot of businesses close and people have the day off. Although HM and I couldn't care less about the Pioneer Day as a holiday, we are not ones to miss out on local events. This weekend is filling up fast for us. We are starting off the weekend with a little Steve Miller Band action.

V.I.P. Tickets? Don't mind if I do!

I love going to concerts at this venue - Red Butte Garden. It is the sight where a certain adorable, intelligent and beloved blogger (self titled) and a Handsome Michael were hitched last fall. No, not on the concert stage. The ceremony was in the fragrance garden and the reception was in the Orangerie (they should just say greenhouse).

Enough with the flashbacks- back to our action packed weekend. So Steve Miller Band concert kicks off Pioneer Day weekend. The next day (suddenly I see a flaw in my planning) at 6am, HM and I will be running the annual Pioneer Day- Desseret News 10K. I ran it last year with my friend Lori. Here is the map and elevation chart.
The starting line is also at Red Butte Garden

All downhill? Yes Please!

I love HM for many reasons, but I like to think that he loves me because I keep his social calendar overly booked. I am looking forward to this fun weekend!!!

What is on your calendar for the weekend Sweets?


  1. I've never heard of pioneer day. Your wedding photos are so gorgeous. That sounds like such an elegant and unique venue for a wedding.

    No plans this weekend for me yet...


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