Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Day, New Dress, New Poll

Morning sweets,

Remember when I said I was not going to buy any workout clothes for 30 days? Well technically, the last time I bought workout clothes was in Vegas June 4th. Do you know what that makes today? Exactly. I am still trying to hold out though because I actually had extra spending money to buy big kid clothes last month!

I bought this top:

And this dress from Anthropologie (boom, on sale):

Here is a close up of the belt I will be wearing with the dress to a wedding at the end of the month:

In the photo, I am wearing the small belt (nice try Emily) which is too tight, but the medium is on its way. Hopefully it will arrive before the wedding. I nearly suffocated just trying to take that picture for you sweets!

It was nice to buy regular clothes for a change, but nothing beats the thrill of new workout clothes!!! Let's get a new poll going shall we sweets?

If you were given $150 and you HAD to spend it on clothes, what would you most likely buy?

A Dress
Workout Clothes

Last week I asked if you all were adventurous eaters. 37% of you said yes, 37% of you consider yourselves somewhat adventurous ,and 25% No way! (BTW picky eaters, I know EXACTLY who you are!!!!!)

Where is your favorite place to shop sweets? How would you describe your style?


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