Thursday, July 7, 2011

Make Me Faster, Amen

Heeellllloooo Sweets,

Remember that speed workout I had planned for yesterday?

1 mile warm-up jog
0.5 mile speed interval
.25 mile recovery jog
-Repeat this 4 times-
1 mile cool down jog

Yes well, I sort of NAILED IT! It was by far the best run I have had during this whole training cycle. I felt like a super hero. I hope it had something to do with my own personal improvements and not the fact that I did it at the gym on a treadmill. I did set the mill to a .5 incline to try and compensate.

Super Hero = Walking On Water

I am a little over 30 days out from the South Valley Half in Herriman Utah and I have been following my training plan very closely. Yesterday's run got me thinking- am I improving? I mean- I have run plenty of half marathons at this point so it is no longer a question of CAN I? Now I want to improve my speed.........A LOT. I hate to say this because it sounds all low self esteem, but I don't feel that I am a real runner until I can run a race at an average 8 minute mile pace.

My best half was at a 10:27sec pace. To meet my next goal of a 2hr 10 min finish, (on a hilly course) I would need to keep a pace of 9:55sec. Disney World gets even more frightening. For a sub 2 hr finish time, I would need to keep a 9:05min mile pace. OMG. If anyone wants to do the math for me and tell me what my tempo, speed, and long runs should be run at please share.

So what can I do? In my extensive Googling, here are the common suggestions I have seen:

1) Run hills. CHECK

2) Speedwork.
I find it too much to crunch the numbers and come out with the pace I should be running. Instead, I like the idea of running a 'pace that you can sustain for 10 minutes' as a gauge.

3) Tempo runs.
As with speedwork, I am going to run 'at a pace that could be maintained for an hour' as my gauge. I am not sure, using this measurement, that I have been accurately doing tempo vs. speed. I am going to reevaluate on my next (non-long) run.

4) High Intensity Interval Training.
This is something I have not been doing but I think I will add a couple "rounds" to the end of my long runs. Basically, run for a few seconds like a bat out of hell, rest for a few seconds, repeat bat flight.

Oh good, I have been trying to find a reason to sneak in this creepy photo of HM and a bat!

Indonesia, honeymoon 2010

Any other suggestions for me Sweets? What are your goal times? Its okay to brag.


  1. To find good paces for tempos/long runs/etc. go to the McMillan Running Calculator and it'll give you all the good info.

    You're going to rock that half marathon, keep up the awesome training!

  2. I can't believe HM and that picture. It is gross and freaky!
    You are becoming quite a faster runner and have come a long way... I am proud! Now, I just have to figure out how to catch up...

  3. OMG!! That bat looks like my chihuahua w/wings. That thing is huge!


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