Saturday, July 23, 2011

Make A Decision Sleepy Head

Hello Sweets,

This is about when I realized that I had one of two decisions to make:

Correct, that is 4:51AM this morning. After already lying awake for an hour and half, I realized I had to make one of two decisions......continue to lay there hoping sleep would find me before my 6am alarm went off......or just get up and get my run started a little earlier than planned. I went with the later of the two. I am a smart girl and knew I had to go about this carefully. I lightly bounced around in the bed until HM woke up and then I was very still. Since he didn't know it was me that woke him up I could play the sympathetic role.

"Ahhhhh, hey there sport, can't sleep? Might as well just start our run a bit early."

He was too groggy to argue so up up and away we went to Park City. We were parked and ready to run at 5:45AM. Forget scorching was 45 degrees and we were a bit under dressed. For the first 5 of the 9 miles, I could not feel my legs and luckily I had a long sleeve with me. Even though it was really early and chilly, we were rewarded for our efforts. The run was AMAZING.

Cute painting in one of the tunnels on the trail
9 miles of paved trails (mostly flat) all to ourselves with no car traffic? YES PLEASE.

Eventually the sun came out and HM started to look as though he was going to pull through. It was his longest run to date and he did great.

I even posed for a pretend puke break to make him feel better.

I felt like I was queen of the world. I can't remember having a better run than I had this morning. How can you not have a great run with fresh mountain air and cute little wooden bridges every mile? Even with the two little gangsters on my right foot trying to salt my game:

Warning, do not type blister into Google Images. You have been warned.

I hope that I can go another run on the Park City trails soon......hopefully after a night of good rest. Speaking of rest, I'm going to go get some now. Have a great Saturday Sweets!


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