Thursday, July 28, 2011

HM and His Demon Orbs

Good afternoon sweets,

I knew as soon as my eyes opened this morning that I was worn out! All this working out has been paying off because even Mr. Scale was pleasant this morning! My speed workout left me uber tired, but as I entered my completed run into DailyMile and refreshed my blog page, I was greeted by this:

You may remember this 164 by 820 goal from this post. At the time I wrote that post, I had completed zero miles towards my goal of 164 miles by August 20th (South Valley Half). No wonder I am tired.....we have raced right past 100 miles!!! We have two 10 milers in a row coming up on our schedule. HM is nervous, but I say bring it. I want to see the count hit 164 before race day.

Training with HM has been great and I think he got bit by the racing bug because in all our pictures from Monday's 10K he has a huge dufuss smile. Clearly his hangover was doing better than mine.

Our official time, for those who have been losing sleep over it, was 1 hour 2 minutes and 40 seconds. This was a 10:06 mile. I wanted a 10 minute mile or less pace...............but I did stop to take a few photos mid race......which as HM pointed out, took waaaayyyyy longer than 40 seconds (hey, got to keep the sweets happy). Since I had forgotten my Garmin, we can only assume that we were running AT or slightly below 10min. I'm happy. So happy with HM's enthusiasm in fact that I had to get him a little something:

Yep, HM is no better than me.....a LuluAddict. I did not take this picture of HM.....duh. I stole it from Lululemon's website and you can check it out here. HM actually has bright blue eyes and, unfortunately for him I guess, I never pass up an opportunity to get him in lavender. This color is called Moody Purple and I expect it to make HM's eyes glow like little demon orbs. Swoon.

On the forecast today:
Lifting Love (routine H)
30 minutes of light cardio....elliptical?
Zumba later tonight (optional)

Have a great day Sweets, and don't forget to vote in this weeks poll. It is in the top right column of this blog!


  1. oh my gosh- love your signature- keep it sweet and sweaty. So cute and catchy! Can't wait to read more from you!


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