Monday, July 4, 2011

Go America!

Happy 4th of July Sweets!!!!

I woke up to find out that a neighborhood parade runs down our street. Lucky us. Since sleeping through fireworks, antique car sirens, and fire trucks hooting was out of the question, we decided to just get up and walk down to watch the parade. If you can't beat them, join them. I forgot to brush my hair or take my camera, so NO PICTURES FOR YOU (please read in soup Nazi voice).

It was 9:30am, overcast, and still too hot to be sitting on the lawn watching a parade! Thanks heat wave. Even though I have a 4 mile run looming somewhere today, I am glad I didn't do a fun run this morning. Here is an old picture I found of Miz Liz and I from a 4th of July fun run in (questionably) 2008.

At that time in my life, the thought of ever running the whole 3.1 miles was a laughable dream. Now the laughable dream is 26.2 miles. PROGRESS! Speaking of progress, I have gone from listening to music while I run to listening to audio books. I have talked to/blog stalked runners who rave about listening to audio books, but I was skeptical. I NEEDED those mad beats of the Best Of The Osmond's album to keep me pumped! Talking? Not going to do it right?

Fun Fact: HM listens to NPR while he runs. It is idiosyncrasies like this that make me fall in love with him all over again. I mean, who does that?

Anyways, back to ME. I purchased Tina Fay's audio book last week to listen to while I cleaned the house and picked up all remnants of my filthy messy week as a bachelor (why are there so many peach pits and avocado peels lying around?) The book was so entertaining and HILARIOUS that I continued to listen to it when I went to the gym.

Hint: Ladies, if you want guys to pay attention to you at the gym, break into random bouts of laughter. Yes, I was hit on....."How ya doing?"....of course, it might have been sincere concerns about my sanity. Whatever, prove it.

This book is seriously funny sweets. I ran 5 miles yesterday and listened to it the whole time. I looked like one of those runners who actually likes running- I smiled the whole time.

Have you sweets ever listened to an audio book while running? I am curious.


  1. YAY this makes me happy, I love listening to books while I'm running! I've recently discovered podcasts as well.

  2. I stumbled upon audio books while running on accident -- I thought I was requesting the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" soundtrack but got the audiobook instead. I figured what the heck and loaded it on the ipod to run. It was great! And since it was a kid's book the narrator used different voices. I've since experimented and found that chick lit and the kid story was the best since it doesn't take much thinking and attention. "Deeper" books I tend to lose my place as my mind wanders while I run.


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