Friday, July 15, 2011

Care Fair

Hello Sweets,

Hope every body's Friday is off to a great start! HM and I had a busy day yesterday. As most of you know, I am in the Jr. League of Salt Lake City. One of the biggest events that the Jr. League organizes here is the Care Fair. The Care Fair is a 2 day event where people who normally don't have access to services can get medical and dental care. It is a pretty big deal. Thousands of people get screenings, check-ups, vaccinations, etc.

The event is held at the Horizonte School. The school is a huge five story building.

HM and I went over there yesterday to help get the event set up. We put together a million (okay maybe 100) car seats. The car seats are given away as incentives for people to get medical screenings. For a couple without kids, it took us a few tries to get a groove going.

I don't want to lie to you sweets. In the name of transparency, here is me before heading to the Care Fair:

I know, I know. My last two posts have been about obesity and superfoods. Ironic. I normally only have McDonalds when I am homesick in a foreign country. Read between the lines: Nothing says 'Merica! like Micky Dees. At least I got a kids meal in the name of portion control!!! I think I will be okay considering I RARELY have fast foods. I don't ever crave it.

How about you sweets? Anybody have a fast food item that you crave? Fess up!


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