Saturday, July 2, 2011

Becoming One Of Them

Hey sweets,

Sorry to check in with you so late today. I hope everybody is having a great holiday weekend and playing it safe with their fire TNT sticks. If you play close attention, you may already know a few things, including:

1) I love the Rave Run section in each months runners world. I often think at some scenic point during my run, "wow this could totally be featured in next months Rave Run." Exhibit A:

2) HM has agreed to run a half marathon (2 actually) with me. This was not an offer without strings attached my sweets. Oh no. In return, I was "invited" to try playing his favorite video game with him.

Now, it would be a lie to say that I don't find some enjoyment in playing on the computer. I am not a video game kind of girl, but I like spending time with HM. What we are doing when we spend time together is not important. So enter World Of Warcraft (WOW).

NOTE: HM is very handsome (duh, its Handsome Michael after all) and well adjusted, which makes his WOW interest cute, not sad. Exhibit B:

Enough justification. My favorite part of the game is the ?imagery? scenery? landscape? Whatever you would call it. It is actually very pretty. I often find myself sighing, "wow, this would be an amazing Rave Run!" Exhibit C, D and E:

So that is how I know I have become "one of them". I mean a runner sweets, not a gamer. NEVER. Siccck, I have a million cocktail dresses. It would never work :-)

Any plans for the weekend? Anyone want to confess a secret interest like playing video games?


  1. It's all about compromise! I "fished" this afternoon with hubs---ok, actually, I read a book about running while he fished. But it made him so happy!

  2. Ha, the sacrifices we make for our husbands! Maybe if I consent to video games I can get my husband to train for a 5K (I think he'd cry trying to do a half). Have fun on your WOW runs!

  3. Last night I watched my boyfriend play video games. It actually was fun, but I must admit I did fall asleep during some of it, oops!

  4. I was hoping you'd post a picture of your naked WOW character.


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