Wednesday, July 27, 2011

24 Hours

Good Morning Sweets,

Late night for me last night. After dinner I headed to the gym to complete my scheduled weight lifting routine (workout G on the Lifting Love page). Buckley was being a spaz-a-doodle when I got back from dinner. So before I could go to the gym, I had to take him on a bike ride. Four miles later, he was the calm poodle that I love.

So it was late late late by the time I finally made it to the gym. I arrived there about 10:30pm. It was sort of nice to be there when the gym was pretty empty. Good thing it is open 24 hours a day though!

I pushed really hard on my weights which was hard to do because the fatigue of flipping around on a hammock during anti-gravity yoga was starting to set in. Toward the end of my workout, I kept starring at the elliptical, and then the clock, then back to the elliptical. It was already 11:15pm and I was seriously considering skipping out on the 20 minutes (minimum) cardio on my schedule.......but once you allow yourself to start making excuses it becomes too easy. Before you know it, the dumbest things will become an excuse.....well it is sorta windy out today........

In the end, 20 minutes went by fast enough. I am glad I got it done. In about 45 minutes I will be heading back to the dumb gym to get my speed workout done. Yeah that's right, 2 gym visits in less than 24 hours....maybe that is how the gym got it's name!

Today's Workout:
1 mile warm-up (5.0-5.5 miles per hour)
.05 mile speedy (7.0 miles per hour)
.25 walk
-repeat 3 more times-
1 mile cool down jog (5.5 miles per hour)

After logging almost 5 hours of workouts in the last 48 hours....I think I am going to reward myself with some relaxation and produce poolside.

That is HM's hairy arm, not mine. I am a lady, duh.

How many hours have you worked out in the last 48 hours? What is your most common excuse for skipping a workout sweet?


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