Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tales Of A Humming Bird

Good afternoon sweets,

Did you ease into your Saturday morning by sleeping in? I didn't. My alarm went off an hour earlier than it does during the week to allow HM and I to get our "long" run out of the way before it got hot. The training plan said 5 miles. Normally this is my "I can feel cool in front of others when I talk about my long run even though it is not that difficult of a distance" distance. My poor body, however, had a different agenda. I was still so sore and stiff from my 2 sessions of Xtend Barre this week, it hurt getting out of bed. So, I did what some of you hardcore sweets do and wore compression socks (my calfs were the worst).

I had to face away from the hill in order to smile

Now some of you sweets know that we are training for this bad boy:

South Valley Half 8-20-11, Herriman Utah
See that little speed bump of a hill? More like 4 miles of uphill. Here is a little secret between you and me, I cannot run uphill. I go from athlete to cardiac arrest is about 10 strides. I heard that Lance Armstrong has a low resting heart rate. I think mine is higher than normal....but cute like a humming bird, no? Low or high, it is clear that I need to start preparing myself for that incline so today's run packed a little punch. The first mile was uphill. After that it was rolling small hills and mostly flat. After the uphill mile was done, I was dying!

Like a hummingbird, I glisten in the sun

But 'Ol HM Five Fingers was like "whats the big deal?" I usually like him a lot more than I did on this run. I considered explaining physics to him and how my legs are so much shorter than his, but since I could not breath I decided to keep it to myself.

So you can run uphill and stand on one foot, big deal

The rest of the run went smoothly enough but I never got into an easy stride. My whole body was stiff from playing ballerina this week. I eventually turned the last corner and was greeted by the final stretch....which physics says is downhill if you have already run up the hill......hello downhill, my dear, dear friend.

Watch this hummingbird fly!

All done and time to hydrate. Last week, 71% of you choose H2O as your preferred way to cool down after a hot and sweaty day. Followed by beer (lushes). This week I want to know if I am alone in my hill hate, so let's play a game of would you rather, shall we?

Would you rather:

Run 1 mile uphill
Run 3 miles downhill
Run 5 miles flat
Watch 6 hours of TV

Can't wait to hear what you sweets think! The poll is located on the top right of my blog.


  1. One mile uphill :) Or 5 of rolling hills...or down hill. but not so much flat

    yes thats weird

  2. I'd rather watch 6 hours of tv... I've gotten plenty of practice at it. Seriously tho, I think I'd prefer the 3 miles downhill. I think. I dunno, that's tough. 1 mile versus 3 (I'd say vs 5 but I could never do 5 miles).

    And that hill is intense, whoa way to go getting it done!

  3. Actually, your short legs are an advantage on the uphill because you take shorter steps and therefore have less vertical rise per step. Someone who has a longer stride has to propel themselves vertically upward to a greater extent than you do in order to complete their stride on the hill.

    Your short legs are the equivalent of using a lower gear on the hill. Low gear, high cadence is exactly how Lance regularly powered past the taller Jan Ulrich who tried to use his long legs to power up the mountains in a high gear.

    So, you may actually want to shorten your stride even more and turn your legs over more rapidly. Baby steps will get you up the hill more easily.

    Okay...I'll take my smartypants off now :P.

  4. I have NEVER allowed science to stand in the way of my excuses, and I don't plan to start now!


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