Thursday, June 2, 2011

Running in Circles

Hello Sweets,

After HM was at the end of his rope listening to me whine and moan about my sunburn we headed out to our first track workout! Oh the novelty of it all made me forget that I was having to run faster than normal and gasping for breath.

Clearly my legs never see the sun
Because it is our first week of training, it was a relatively short workout. We jogged to the nearest high school track (1 mile from our house), then ran 2 half mile speed drills (1/4 mile break), and then jogged back home. That adds up to a total of 3 miles of running. I even made a playlist solely for this track workout.

We decided to kill two birds with one stone and exercise dog face at the same time. Inspired by the girl who runs in my neighborhood every morning, I decided to tie Buckley to guess there is no other word for fanny pack........

Buckley Says: Mow your lawn trash bags!
I had VERY low expectations, but it actually turned out quite well. He was even a little gentleman at the track. I guess the only downside was when a car drove by on our way to the track and I actually heard the guy laugh at us. I wish I could say that this was the first time we have been mocked when out with our dog, but sadly as most of you know, it is not. This is the price you pay for being a poodle owner. Once someone even asked us if he was a boy or a girl.......he has a blue bandanna on you IDIOT!! Geeeez.

"Say that again and I will lift my leg on you!"

Well, we will have the last laugh wont we?!?!? I say HA HA HA to all you lab and retriever owners out there cleaning up after your big old shedding dogs. (I love all dogs so save your hate mail)

I am curious sweets, how many of you out there do track workouts during your training?


  1. Such a cute dog!!! I would never laugh. We have two huge lab mixes and yes, it's fully shedding season. Lily is half husky and her hair just falls out in clumps. Good job on the track workout. Are your shorts plaid?? Love me some plaid shorts.

  2. Love your dog!
    I really need to go and do some track workouts... I have been slacking!

  3. Your dog is so cute! Love how poodles don't shed.

    I have never run on a track before...but I'll probably try this year at some point.

  4. Your pup is way cute! My sister has one just like him. I don't like doing track workout but I will do them. I think the Yasso 800s are my favorite.


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