Friday, June 3, 2011

Only In Your Dreams

Good Morning Sweets,

Of course I would share updates with you sweets first! After a good 6 cycles of running in the Asics 2100 series, I have branched out. I have had a slight pain in my left leg since the half marathon (4/16/11). It eventually went away after I took a couple weeks off of running, and I have had successful runs since, but yesterday's track workout made it flare up again. Perhaps flare is too strong a word.......I became aware of the leg issue, but it did not hurt. It has since disappeared again, but in the name of caution I have decided to replace my running shoes with:

Hello there new friend, a.k.a Nike Lunar Glide.

You diligent sweets also know I have the racing flats, discussed here, on their way as well. So what do I do with all my old pair of running shoes? Well if Buckley had his way:

Only in your dream's Buckley!

In reality, I use my latest pair of retired running shoes as my everyday gym shoes. I use my current pair of running shoes for RUNNING ONLY. All other uses, like cross training cardio, weight lifting, grocery shopping, etc. are done in the latest retired pair. After that, I donate them in the designate recycle bins at the running store or pack them up and take them to the DI (Utah's version of the Goodwill).

Back off buddy, those have not been retired yet!

As a side note- If you have not voted on this weeks poll, do so now because the poll closes later today! (The poll located in the top right side of this page).

What about you sweets? Do you designate a pair of shoes JUST for running? How often do you replace them?


  1. Let us know how you like the new shoes. I typically like Nike design but the shoes kill my feet. I keep hoping to find some that I love but I keep getting disappointed (I have some in high school when I ran track that were awesome and OF COURSE they aren't made anymore.)

  2. I have one pair, specifically for running.

    I keep track of the miles I put on my shoes, using the Runner's World mileage tracker. My last pair had almost 600 miles on it and I just got rid of them two weeks ago. I'm going to save them for doing runs in the rain because I don't want to ruin any new shoes!

    I think you'll supposed to replace shoes every 400 to 600 miles? Prob closer to the 400, but I didn't have any issues, so I just kept going.

    I also got the neon racers for doing a 5k or 10k. Ok and since they look so fun, I wear them around town on an occasion or two.

  3. and PS I like your new Nike Lunar Glides!! Very cute.

  4. Oooh nice new shoes! Yup, my running shoes are only for running. I asked if I could go workout with them and the guy made a face so I decided that it probably wouldn't be a good idea.


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